Let’s Tango.

Blacklace has tango appliers for quite a few of their designs now.  Go check em if that’s your thing!

Hair: .ploom. Heart + >TRUTH< Minka Bangs
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
~Blacklace~ Harlot: Black Satin & Mauve Lingerie
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Mesh Square Nails
*League* Isla Sunkiss – Opal Skin

4 responses to “Let’s Tango.

  1. oh okay! yeah i searched ploom heart. And I saw that truth hair but was confused lol. i was like ummmm those arent bangs >.< thanks love ill search for the event. Im loving the blog. its amazing and I always come here when Im about to go shopping. I love your style your editing and everything you do. I cant however find your shop in MP i love your jen shape, is there a new link for your Mp store?

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