“A” for effort.

Well, I’m not a big fan of doing unfavorable reviews for things.  Perhaps I need some insight on how to deal with this. Or perhaps..I’m just disappointed.  It’s my own fault yes, I tried the demo and saw room for improvement, but I thought it could be resolved with some quick body editing.  What am I talking about?  This:

AMERIE – Mesh skinny Pants

Nothing wrong there you say. 

Those are cute and relaxed looking. Yes! they are super cute! Nicely done. ( If you only want to take a still photo in them.)

Now for the bad news.

I know there are limitations to mesh designs thus far on second life, and this seems to be one of them.

Alpha layers can’t fix everything..while standing with my AO on, or sitting or anything..body parts are either flying out of the pants, or on any other angle except a perfect angle..you see invisible.  I tried adding shirts and underwear and modding my body til the cows came home with the same result. So!

Although I really wanted to wear these and strut my bow legged, saggy assed self around, I just can’t do it.

Maybe I haven’t done something right? Maybe the alpha is just too high. Not sure..

I wouldn’t say don’t buy these, but just be aware of the wacky alpha.

Sorry Amerie..”A” for effort though!


Clawtooth: Take it Easy – Black beauty
*Fishy Strawberry* Harder Tee – White/Black
<-Puncture-> Dermal Gemstone (Throat)
Rosary Hand Beads (Phia Vaughan)
[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (black sheer)
AMERIE – Mesh skinny Pants(Denim Dark)
Slink- Womens Natural Barefeet(Mesh)

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