SEA SALTS – Zigana

Welcome to Zigana at Sea Salts.  A journey through something special.  Please click the images for more details, you won’t be disappointed.

Got your cotton candy? Got mine!  Let’s go!

When you land at Zigana first place your at is a little town square sort of deal.  This place impressed me with the awesome textures and fast rezzing!  That’s important.

It’s got a few tables here, and a bench for couples or singles looking to relax, lot’s of great photo op’s to be had.

Leaving the town center you can go up a path and it’s got quite a view.  This is only one view. As you walk up the path you can see trees and such drawing in the distance, oh this is gonna be good.

At the top there is a tent, for resting, that was quite a climb.  Inside is pillows to chill, and a bed to relax or la la you know!

Moving on!

Walk on the mountain path some and come across a nice scene of grasses, wild flowers, and lanterns.

This is what awaits you at the end of the path.  I gotta say I seen some nice sims and areas but this really gave me a good feeling.

This was quite breath taking for me.  You have to see this live, the pics do it no justice.  Random areas shots coming up now.

Overview of the town square. 🙂

This is one the nicest things I have ever seen on SL. 


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